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Facebook is gonna party like it's 1999

Welcome, Facebook.
Thanks for letting people post their moods with their status messages. And one-upping LiveJournal by including what people are eating and drinking. The only feature missing now is mind-reading and automatic posting, but I'm sure Mark Zuckerberg is all over that shit.

RIP, GLTerminal. Hello, Cathode!

Today, acting on a tip from glymph, I checked out GLTerminal under Mac OS 10.6.7. It no longer displays character glyphs, but instead just a black screen* . I do not know how to fix this. It seems, roughly 10 years after it was developed, GLTerminal has ceased to be. It is bereft of life, an ex-term-emu. It's dead, Jim (McCombe).

Let us have a moment of silence for James McCombe's GLTerminal.




There, now that that's over with, go check out the spiritual successor to GLTerminal: Secret Geometry's Cathode terminal emulator.

If you like GLTerminal but realize deep in your heart that it will never see any more love or updates from its creator, check out Cathode. It has fully replaced James McCombe's ancient, broken, and Spaces-unaware GLTerminal for me. It degrades in quality until you purchase a license... brilliant! Go buy it ($20) and support Colin, an active Mac developer!


*Note: I do not know if this is also only a Macbook/Nvidia issue (I only have a Unibody 13" Macbook Pro with 9400M GPU to test it on).

Writer's Block: Left Behind

What do you want done with your body after you die?
I would like a Tibetan sky burial. (Sky burial on wikipedia)

Welcome Finnegan!

Finn's first day was a hard day. Robin opted for a home birth and all went well until the end, when Finn wasn't breathing and needed resuscitation. He's staying in the hospital for the time being for observation but should be home soon.

One photo here, and more to come.


It's baby time!

In the tradition of 11th hour LJ posts, this is a courtesy to let the world know that Finn has decided that now would be a fine time to come out.

More baby news soon!
abigail_m was playing with her menagerie of dolls, and the newest addition, a glow-worm (that fortunately doesn't make noise anymore, owing to some wire "surgery" with a pair of scissors). I was watching, drinking coffee. When Abby walked away I picked up the glow-worm and pantomimed it drinking coffee, and then squeezed it to make it glow.

me: "look Abby, the caffeine makes it glow!"
Abby (scowling): "no! electricity makes it glow!"

the woes of those who hunt and peck

"you know, I'm grossly undercaffinated
so grossly in fact that it took may hits to find the g
and then, while I was finding the g
I found the s
and thought "oh, I should save that, I'll need it soon"

du jour ≠ l'amour

poeticdream sidles up behind me, kisses me on the neck and in a sultry manner declares: "you are my chef du jour..."
me, confused: "uh, I'm your chef of the day??"
robin: "ohhhh, that's what that means?"

my god, she's full of snark!

poeticdream: "i had fun with you today, Abby."
abigail_m: "I had fun with myself today too."

abby: "get in the bath!"
me: "I'm not hearing a word... do you know which one?"
abby: "go ahead, surprise me."

("Asking is just p-p-polite demanding." —Max Headroom)

the polite geek child

abigail_m has drawn an orangish blob picture in TuxPaint.
abby: "print!" *clicks print*
*printer makes noises*
*printer makes more noises*
me: "is it printing another one?"
abby: "no. it's cleaning its print heads."
abby: "wait, it is printing another one! oh, thank you, printer!"

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