August 29th, 2005

big atari

random atari 8-bit geekery lives on!

for anyone with access to an atari 8-bit computer (or emulator):

Here's something you probably didn't know was tucked away inside your Atari.

10 S=53760:POKE S,230:POKE S+1,175:POKE S+2,231:POKE S+3,175:POKE S+4,229:POKE S+15,3
20 FOR X=0 TO 255.49 STEP 0.135:POKE S+8,X:NEXT X:GOTO 20

Lloyd Burchili
New Brunswick

from antic magazine, volume 4, number 8, december 1985

try it, it's fun. i remember being impressed back then, and i'm still impressed by this bit of silliness.

EDIT: for those lacking a real atari 8-bit or emulator (thanks to jerronimo:
check out an mp3 i encoded. it loops like that until the program is killed. the click-click-click-click at the start is me typing "run" after i started the recording. the extended wave at the end is because sound output locks up in Atari800X on the mac when the menubar is accessed. the output seems occasionally choppy because it was real-time sound synthesis done in BASIC, on a motorola 6502 running at 1.79 MHz. it's not just the emulator, it sounded choppy on the real thing too. good demo, eh?