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poeticdream is no longer using livejournal. She started using it before I did, back in 2001. She has almost 3000 posts (I have slightly less than half that number, despite having had mine almost as long). She's writing in a paper journal now, as she often has. Why? SUP, since they have bought Livejournal have reversed previous SixApart and LJ practices and business decisions. Notably in the case of basic users (which were ad-free), SUP recently switched these accounts to sponsored overnight with no notice. Now, from the company which once promised to remain ad-free forever, you have the option of either liking ads with your journal, or paying for the privilege of your creative content remaining ad-free.

Sorry guys, but you're going to have to throw in a lot more added benefit than just "no ads" for me to want to pay to have a journal. I'm seriously giving thought to hosting my journal on private webspace. I don't know if i'm retro chic enough to revert to paper like Robin.
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wanna get high?

poeticdream and me talking about painting the hallway:

me: "I'm going to paint the wall and drink beer, and then... [pauses for dramatic effect, then sways back and forth a bit] i'll be high!"
abigail_m whines: "i wish i could paint the walls and get high..."
me: "someday I'm sure you will, Abby."

it reminds me of a conversation Lindsay Leclair had with her mom when she was in high school: Lindsay: "I don't think I'll ever do drugs mom, I just don't get the point." her mom: "oh, you'll do them..."


last night abigail_m was drawing in her sketchbook. she said she was drawing a few different things. first she said she drew a ballerina, which looked like a mass of random scribbles and chicken scratches. then she said "penis!", which was a bit of a nonsequitur, but i came over to look and indeed, she had drawn a penis.

why is it that my 3 year old can draw penises?

"it's like they think it's a parking lot!"

The scene: Just now as abigail_m and I were walking up our driveway to the street level we saw two police cars that had pulled over someone for who-knows-what. The cops had the perp out of the car and were talking to him and rummaging around in his car.

me: "hey! they blocked the driveway!"
abigail_m: "what?"
me: "look, those two police cars parked right in front of our driveway!"
Abby: "yeah! it's like they think it's a parking lot!"

Abby will be three on Monday.

"take a deep breath..."

setting: earlier, at WRFR.

cast: abigail_m, poeticdream, and yours truly, riffraff.

[Abby produces a chocolate, by sleight of hand or magic, we're not sure which]

Robin, incredulously: "Abby, where'd you get chocolate from?"

Abby, triumphantly: "From my pocket!"

Robin: ...

Kim: *sputters and hyperventilates, laughing out of control*

Abby: "Take a deep breath..."

Robin: ...
Kim: ... *takes a deep breath*

superbowl #answer-to-the-ultimate-question

Best part of the superbowl, imho? The Giants' coach saying, in slo-mo: "godddd daaaamn iiit, sonnnnn oooof a biiiiiitch..."

Seeing it in HD at the Strand theatre for free was pretty cool too. The commercials this year? Lame. (the ones I saw at least)
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