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I am Kim's complete lack of surprise

Confidence is sexy. Confide in me, baby.

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I am Kim
31 December 1977
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abigail_m is my darling baby daughter!

poeticdream is my love and my life partner.

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abandonware, abigail morgan, absinthe, adult swim, anime, apple, aqua teen hunger force, argyle, atari, belgian beer, biodiesel, bubble tea, burning man, cats, chai, chaos theory, coding, coffee, complete thoughts, computer forensics, computer science, computer science house, computer security, conspiracy theories, cryptography, csh, cuddling, cultural transformation, culture jamming, david hudson, david lynch, deloreans, diesel sweeties, dimethyltryptamine, diners, dmt, dodgeball cannons, douglas adams, duct tape, dumpster diving, electronica, entelechy, eschatology, forensics, four square, garbage plates, geeks, go, goth, gylany, hacking, hot tubs in winter, indie, information technology, john waters, jolt cola, kayaking, kevin smith, klf, kung fu, lain, lcars, leon, logic, lolita, love, lucid dreams, maine, martial arts, max headroom, mead, metaphysics, mojo nixon, monty python, neal stephenson, nick tahou's, old school, ormus, partnership way, philosophy, photography, piercings, radio, real genius, really good junglemonkey sex, red meat, retro gaming, rhps, riane eisler, rit, robin michelle hamann, rochester, rochester institute of technology, rochester subway, rocky horror, rocky horror picture show, ruby, ruby on rails, russell wolff, sailing, salvia, salvia divinorum, sci-fi, science fiction, scritches, scrumping, sealab 2021, sensuality, serial experiments lain, sexuality, shamanism, shaolin kung fu, shock treatment, skinny dipping, slacking, snogging, social engineering, sushi, tantra, tantric sex, tao te ching, tea, terence mckenna, text adventures, the klf, the low beyond, the rocky horror show, the-church-of-the-holy-wandering-electron, they might be giants, tmbg, toe socks, transhumanism, twin peaks, ungulates, upstate new york, upstate ny, urban exploration, usability, wber, wearable computers, wearables, weather modification, wei qi, wrfr, xkcd, zen

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